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Songs From The Black Box

a Studio release
Woolly Wolstenholme

Release Year: 1994

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Voiceprint VP174CD
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  1. Has To Be A Reason
  2. Down The Line
  3. All Get Burned
  4. Too Much, Too Loud, Too Late
  5. Even The Night
  6. Deceivers All
  7. The Will To Fly
  8. Sunday Bells
  9. Open
  10. Sail Away
  11. Quiet Islands
  12. A Prospect Of Whitby
  13. Lives On The Line
  14. Patriots
  15. Gates Of Heaven (14/18)
  16. American Excess
  17. Mæstoso - A Hymn In The Roof Of The World
  18. Waveform
Woolly Wolstenholme ( Stewart Wooly Wolstenholme)
Keyboards, Vocals