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Still No Commercial Potential

a Studio release
Djam Karet

Release Year: 1998

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1998 HC Productions HC009

Digitally recorded live by Mike Henderson using a single microphone (no over-dubs!) on the afternoons of June 13th and August 1st, 1998

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  1. No Vacancy At The Hotel Of Noise (7.04)
  2. Twilight In Lonely Hands (7.10)
  3. Room 24, Around Noon (8.41)
  4. The Black Line (10.01)
  5. Night But No Darkness (8.09)
  6. Strange Wine From A Twisted Fruit (28.51)
Gayle Ellett
Electric 6 String Guitar, E-Bow, Organ, Percussion
Mike Henderson
Electric 6 String Guitars, E-Bow
Chuck Oken, Jr.
Drums, Digital Keyboards, Percussion
Henry J. Osborne
Electric 5 String Bass, Dideridoo, Percussion