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The Inner Circle

a Studio release

Release Year: 2004

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Released by Inside/Out: April 2004
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Touch Of Blessing
  2. When The Walls Go Down
  3. Ambassador
  4. In The Wake Of The Weary
  5. Harmless Wishes
  6. Waking Up Blind
  7. More Than Ever
  8. Essence Of Conviction
  9. Where All Good Sleep
  10. Faith Restored
Jonas Ekdahl
Tom S. Englund
Guitars & vocals
Henrik Danhage
Rikard Zander
Michael HÃ¥kansson

Reviewed by MJBrady on 20 Jun 2004

Evergrey has become a band that has gathered a tremendous following in their short existance, they have released 5 cds to their credit thus far, and since their debut, have shown that they have become a band with a formula. Led by the exceedingly powerful voice of Tom Englund, they find the perfect backdrop to emphasize his emotive delivery. The music always hits hard, and retains it's subtle progressivity, enough so, that they are not a strict powermetal band.

The band remains hugely popular with their core group of fans, and are a good draw at the various venues that they appear at. This cd, The Inner Circle, finds the band pushing the set parameters from previous releases. with what seems like a little more kick, as well as more keyboard coloring in between the crunch. The band is employing some new members in keyboardist - Rikard Zander, and a new drummer - Jonas Ekdahl. Both are solid contributors, but rest assured, the old Evergrey sound that most find appealing is fully on display.

They are also using quite a bit of studio enhancement by interjecting voice and effect loops to compliment the musical collage. Evergrey is not a progmetal band in the truest sense of the term, rarely, if ever do they drift into long adventurous instrumental displays, they basically are a band that delivers solid songs with a fairly straight ahead writing approach, with some occasions to throw a odd time signature, or a few extended solos in various songs. What they do, they do very well, and each Evergrey cd has always gotten good reviews. Chalk this one up as another Evergrey cd worth having.