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Concerto Zero

a Live release
Campo Di Marte

Release Year: 2004

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Released on CD in 2004. Recordings from 1972 and the reunion concert in 2003
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CD 1 - Live 1972

  1. Prolog0 part II
  2. Aliva
  3. Epilogo
  4. Prplogo I

CD 2 - Live 2003

  1. Primo tempo/Settimo tempo
  2. Black in time
  3. Bluesy Rocky
  4. Italian Irish
  5. Secondo tempo
  6. Terzo tempo/ Quarto tempo
  7. Rock Barock
  8. Extra Track: from private DVD recording
    Outro July the 12 th 2003

CD 1

Enrico Rosa: guitar, vocals, mellotron

Alfredo Barducci: horns, piano, organ, vocals

Paul Richard (Ursillo): bass, vocals

Mauro Sarti: drums, percussion, flute, vocals

Carlo Felice Marcovecchio: drums, percussion, vocals

CD 2

Mauro Sarti: drums

Maurilio Rossi: bass

Matin Alexandr Sass: piano/keyboards

Eva Rosa: recorder ( from soprano to bass) as well as Yamaha digital wind controller

Enrico Rosa: and el. guitar