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a Studio release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 1976

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Jul 1976 Harvest 4056 LP
1976 LP Harvest 4056
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Entry Last Updated on: 6/8/2019 9:44:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Aubade - 1:51
  2. The Tale of Taliesin - 7:17
  3. Ban-Ban Caliban - 9:22
  4. Song of Aeolus - 4:31
  5. Out of Season - 5:32
  6. Second Bundle - 2:37
  7. Kayoo - 3:27
  8. The Camden Tandem - 2:01
  9. Nexus - :49
  10. One over the Eight - 5:31
  11. Elka - 2:21

Roy Babbington

John Etheridge

Karl Jenkins
Synthesizer, Piano, Strings, Keyboards, Electric Piano , Saxophone, Mini Moog, Pianette

John Marshall
Percussion, Drums

Mike Ratledge

Alan Wakeman

Reviewed by Others on 04 Feb 2004

Counting with the participation of the outstanding guitarrist John Etheridge (Darryl Way's Wolf, 2nd Vision), Softs is, in my humble opinion, one of the 2 best releases of acclaimed jazz-fusion masters Soft Machine (Bundles would be my Favorite album). Some SM fans might disagree with that, but personally i prefer these two releases due to the addition of electric guitars to their keyboard / wind instrument oriented jazz-fusion style. The set is rich in influences and the listener will find several mood shifts along the album. The only downside of this CD would be the bad analog recording sound. Nevertheless, I'd strongly recommend it to any jazz fusion lovers.