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Working Man

a Studio release
Tributes: Rush

Release Year: 1996

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1996 Magna Carta Records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/1/2000 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/14/2017 10:48:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1.  A Working Man (3:52)
  2. By-Tor And The Snow Dog (4:12)
  3. Analog Kid (5:18)
  4. The Trees (4:32)
  5. La Villa Strangiato (9:26)
  6. Mission (5:34)
  7. Anthem (4:14)
  8. Jacob's Ladder (7:38)
  9. Closer To The Heart (3:00)
  10. Natural Science (8:39)
  11. YYZ (4:20)
  12. Red Barchetta (6:13)
  13. Freewill (5:29)

Robert Berry
Lead Guitar, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals


Mark Slaughter: Vocals (7)
Gregoor van der Loo: Vocals (13)
Eric Martin: Vocals (6)
Sebastian Bach: Vocals (1,8)
Jack Russell: Vocals (3)
Mike Baker: Vocals (4)
James LaBrie: Vocals (2,12)
Devon Townsend: Vocals (10)

Steve Morse: Guitar (5,12)
James Murphy: Ending Guitar Solo (5), Keyboards (5). Rhythm Guitar (7,10-12), Lead Guitar (10-12)
Brendt Allman: Lead and Rhythm Guitar (2,4,5,8)

Robert Berry: Lead Guitar (6), Bass (6), Rhythm Guitar (6), Keybaoards (6), Background vocals (6)
John Petrucci: Lead Guitar (8)
George Lynch: Lead Guitar (7)
Marcel Coenen: Lead Guitar (13)
Jake E. Lee: Lead Guitar(1,2)
Michael Romero: Lead Guitar (3)
David Townson: Rhythm Guitar (5,12), ending Guitar solo
Richard Chycki: Rhythm Guitar (12)

Chris Ingles: Piano (4)

Matt Guillory: Keyboards (8,10,11)
Trent Gardner: Keyboards (13)
Gary Wehrkamp: Keyboards (4)
Mike Pinnella: Keyboards (3)

Sean Malone: Bass (12)
Stuart Hamm: Bass (7,10,11)
Carl Cadden-James: Bass (13)
Billy Sheehan: Bass (1-4,8)

Deen Castronovo: Drums (7,10,11)
Sean Reinhart: Drums (12)
Brad Kaiser: Drums (6)
Mike Portnoy: Drums (1-5)
Jeff Brockman: Drums (13)

Fates Warning: (9)

Reviewed by MJBrady on 04 Jul 2002

This is one of the many Magna Carta tributes and it'a very good one. With a very impressive list of contributors, the musicians stay fairly true to the musics form throughout the cd, and some great performances are t be heard, particularly by drummers Mike Portnoy, Sean Reinert, & Deen Castronovo, other notable performances are by the following:Steve Morse - guitar, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Sean Malone - basses, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Marcel Coenen - guitars, as well as many others to a lesser degree. Reviewing a tibute cd is not an easy task, but simply an opportunity to say "is it good or bad?" In the case of Working Man, this is a very good one, and should appeal to fans of Rush as well as fans of the artists that contributed to this project.