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Hiding Place

a Studio release
Notturno Concertante

Release Year: 1990

Date Label Catalog # Comments
LP - Musea FGBG2035 -1990 / CD - Mellow Records MMP 218 -1993
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    Side A on LP
  1. Wandering dreams
  2. Seventh wave
  3. Half human town
  4. Interlude
    Side B on LP
  5. A legacy of allegiance
  6. Screaming Cassandra...
  7. Like the wind
  8. Lumieres dans la nuit
  9. The hiding place
    Bonus tracks on CD:
  10. Nocturne
  11. To one in paradise
  12. The fool
Lucio Lazzaruolo
synths, piano and classical guitar
Raffaele Villanova
electric, acoustic and classical guitar
Giancarmine Tammaro
Enzo Abbondandolo
Michele Iacoviello
    Enzo Matarazzo