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a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 1998

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A New Day Records (AND CD 22)
This double CD includes completely remastered version of both the Silent Dance and New Life as well as some previously unreleased demos and live recordings from both the early eighties and the more recent sessions for the 1996 'Circles' album. The CD booklet includes some rare photos of the band as well as a more detailed history of their endeavours.
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  1. Morning light
  2. Guardian
  3. Sea
  4. New life
  5. Pathways
  6. Journey
  7. Peace
  8. Earthsong
  9. Sunrise
  10. Return of Spring
  11. Brave new world
  12. Cheyenne
  13. Find yourself
  14. Spirit
  15. Morning light/Return of Spring/Light
  16. Salu
  17. Coming home
  18. Gaurdian of my soul
  19. Chicken train
  20. Time for a toke
  21. Peace for the new age
  22. Freedom
Marc Elton
Violin, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Andy Glass
Guitar, Background Vocals
Mark Hawkins
Bass, Bass Pedals
Craig Sunderland
Sandy Leigh
Heidi Kemp
Margaret Phillips
Fender Rhodes
Martin Wright
Percussion, Drums
Pete Hensley