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We Know What We Like - The Music Of Genesis

a Studio release
Tributes: Genesis

Release Year: 1987

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1987 RCA 6242-1-RC

Orcestral Arrangements by Dee Palmer (David Palmer)

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  1. Guide Vocal / Turn It On Again
  2. Mad Man Moon
  3. Entangled
  4. Duke's Travels / Fountain Of Salmacis / The Knife / Unquiet Slumbers / Los Jigos
  5. Follow You, Follow Me
  6. I Know What I Like
  7. Snowbound / Scenes From A Night's Dream
  8. Say It's Alright Joe
  9. Horizons
  10. Can-Utility And The Coastliners
  11. Undertow / Supper's Ready

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Dee Palmer (David Palmer)
Conductor, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocoder, Arranger


Steve Hackett: Guitar

Mo Foster: Bass

Trevor Bastow: Keyboards

Tony Hymas: Keyboards

Brett Morgan: Drums

Ian Anderson: Flute (6)

Charterhouse School Choir: (1, 11)