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a Studio release
Greg Rapaport

Release Year: 2002

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This is Greg's third solo project.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/24/2002 12:00:00 AM
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  1. 11th Portal
  2. Mahdah
  3. The Unconscience
  4. Bugjuice
  5. Trust
  6. Diminished Returns
  7. Powderburn
  8. Slik
  9. Darkmatter
Greg Rapaport
all instruments

Reviewed by Satch on 25 May 2002

Crunchy Funk Metal Fusion Shred!
Too many different tags? Nope it's all here. And it's all good. This CD has everything from Technical Shred solos to Ominous sounding Epics; and great Jazz Fusion interludes with a Funk groove popping up.

I am very pleased that Greg offered me his music to hear and review. I am always happy to hear a new guitarist--new to me anyway. And it's a real pleasure to hear such an interesting one. Full of great musical ideas and the technical skills to pull off the tricky twists and turns of his compositions.

He has noted several Guitar Giants as his influences. Although he may be influenced by them, he really has his own style going and that's a major compliment! He doesn't try to sound like anyone else. Greg's music is very original so, I won't try to draw any specific comparisons. I will leave that up to you, as you discover his excellent music.

I highly recommend this CD to all lovers of Technical Guitar playing! Thanks to Greg for letting me hear it and share my views with you. Visit his Webpage for soundbytes, purchase informations for his various CD's, and some very nice Graphics!

Reviewed by MJBrady on 29 Jun 2002

Greg Rapaport is yet another hybridized guitarist/multi-instrumentalist that is writing music that sets him far apart from the many guitar hero types out there. The fact there are some guitarists out there that are willing to dispose of their egomaniacal guitar solo type musics, in favor of writing progressive, instrumental music, makes for much more intersting listening for fans of good music in general.

Rapaport's playing is a cumulative batch of influences that range from shred, to jazz phrasing, and neo-classical metal, and quite possibly everything in between. He cites Greg Howe, Scott Henderson, Jimmy Page amongst others, but I can honestly say he has much more in common with some guitarists he may have never heard, players such as Michael Harris, Chris Brooks, Laurent Fleury, Dave Martone, Cyril Achard are all great guitarists that are straying from the guitar shred style to manufacture music that is highly disciplined and challenging to the ears, full of complexity, rhythm dynamics, and great musicianship of course.

I am not sure if he is using drum programming or not, as the drums sound convincing enough, how these musicians are able to cover so many instruments with such command is something I am constantly amazed at, usually the player is proficient at one, but suffers at the others, very few have convinced me that they need no other musicians, or that their music wouldn't benefit from some outside contributions.

It is nice to hear such adventurous music, my hopes are that Greg Rapaport continues in this style of composition, and even employs a musician friend to round out his sound, he is an interesting writer, and gives the instrumental guitar music category, and it's fans something to get excited about.