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One Trail To Heaven

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
In the Labyrinth

Release Year: 2011

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Trail Records
One Trail to Heaven is a limited collector edition compilation which includes some previously unreleased material and alternate versions of songs from Peter Lindahl's exclusive personal archive. Produced and engineered by Peter Lindahl in his studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Compilated and released with an improved sound quality on Trail Records in 2011.
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Entry Last Updated on: 5/6/2012 2:56:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Lost In The Woods
  2. Escape From Canaan
  3. Moorish Rhapsody
  4. The Garden Of Mysteries
  5. Monsoon
  6. trail records Over The Wall
  7. Karakoram Waltz
  8. Muscarin Madness
  9. Deep Saffron
  10. Night Of The Baskerville Killer
  11. The Endless City
  12. Cities
  13. Cloudburst
Peter Lindahl
Mellotron, Saz, Zither, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Santoor, Piano, Melodion, Viola Da Gamba, Baroque Traverérs-Flute, Kena, Soprano- and Alto Recorders, Daf, Darbouka, Tamboura, Percussion, Synthesizers, Samplers, Vocals
    Mikael W. Gejel
    Flute, Bansuri, Tenor Recorder, Spanish Guitar, Piano, Bass, Tamboura, Darbouka, Percussion, Synthesizers, Samplers, Chorus, Jojk
    Ulf Hansson Darbouka
    Karin Langhard-Gejel
    Flute, Djembe, Congas, Chorus
    Stefan Ottman Recital
    Helena Jacobssen
    Helena Selander
    Angelic Voice

Reviewed by Marc on 14 Dec 2011

I was quite surprised when I read (after I had listened to the CD) that One Trail To Heaven by In the Labyrinth was a compilation album, because it flows so well from piece to piece.

In my book, the music on One Trail To Heaven fits perfectly into what we know as World Music, at least my definition of World Music, that is, a fusion of many musics inspired by a variety of different cultures. While listening to One Trail To Heaven I am transported to the Orient, Turky, Ireland, Spain... a many more destinations I cannot identify, all this while keeping a British/Scandinavian Prog flavour to the music.

One Trail To Heaven by In the Labyrinth is an excellent album indeed. If I play the reference game, I would compare the music on One Trail To Heaven to Steve Hackett's recent works, but also his collaborations with East European band Djabe. The music on One Trail To Heaven is mostly instrumental, but some tracks feature some nice lead vocals by Peter Lindahl. His voice is pretty close to Anthony Phillips', and there are some similarities between this album and some of the music produced by Mr. Phillips. At times I also feel that One Trail To Heaven would be a good soundtrack for a production by Le Cirque du Soleil.

One Trail To Heaven is an excellent album and it will often find it's way toi my CD player. I will also check out In the Labyrinth previous CDs, hoping that they are of the same level of quality as this one. Great stuff indeed!!