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Fast and Blue (Lisa LaRue 2KX)

a Studio release
Lisa LaRue

Release Year: 2011

Date Label Catalog # Comments
First People MEdia (1011-01)
Special limited edition to be available exclusively at for 30 days which includes DVD and magazine in addition to the CD. After that the items are sold separately.
In addition to Lisa LaRue, this recording features Steve Adams and Merrilll Hale (ARZ), John Payne (Asia Featuring John Payne) and guests: Michael Sadler (Saga), Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard, GPS), Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane, Erik Norlander, Tappestry), Mitch Perry (Asia Featuring John Payne, Cher, Aerosmith, Michael Schenker, Edgar Winter), Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis) and Michael Alvarez (Bass Clef Experiment)
    The "Fast and Blue" DVD contains:
  • The making of "Fast and Blue" with special appearances by Ryo, Michael, Don, John, Steve, and Lisa
  • Fast and Blue - the single video
  • Recurring Dream video (this video will not be available on youtube)
  • Prometheus video (this video will not be available on youtube and will contain portions of Thomas Edison's "Frankenstein 1910", the first film made of Mary Shelley's book "Frankenstein: The Modern Day Prometheus")
    The "Fast and Blue" magazine features include:
  • 8.5" x 11" dimensions
  • 24 pages
  • An intro to the album
  • 1 page with beautiful artwork devoted to each song
  • A narrative about each song's place in the overall theme of the album
  • A crayon drawing by actor Brad Pitt done in the first grade at Horace Mann Elementary School where he and Lisa LaRue were classmates
  • A full page bio with photos of each band member
  • Full-page official publicity photos
  • A scrapbook collage of band members and special guests taken during the making of "Fast and Blue"
  • Two pages specially devoted to the CD and DVD storage
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  1. Mystery of the Rose (1:14)
  2. Prometheus (18:53)
  3. Tryptych (4:55)
  4. Jam Jehan Nima (13:30)
  5. Lament of the Cherokee/Ruins of Home (7:40)
  6. Fast and Blue (5:12)
  7. Recurring Dream (7:26)
Lisa LaRue
Steve Adams
Merrilll Hale
John Payne
vocals, bass
    Michael Sadler
    Ryo Okumoto
    Don Schiff
    Mitch Perry
    Maxi Nil
    Michael Alvarez

Reviewed by Marc on 08 Jun 2011

Fast and Blue is the latest project by Lisa LaRue 2KX, Native American artist keyboardist Lisa LaRue's group. She is joined on this album by a palette of well known and high profile musicians and singers of the Prog scene of the last 20 years (and even more). I can guess that the willingness of these talented artist to participate in this project reflects their very positive opinion of Mrs LaRue as a musician and composer.

After listening a few times to Fast and Blue, I must admit to being reminded of some of the more symphonic Progressive Rock albums of the seventies, even though this album clearly has a modern sound to it in a Neo Prog sort of way. The main reference I would make would be with Rick Wakeman's Voyage to the Center of the Earth album, mainly because of the grandiose style of the music, but also with the large presence of keyboards, spoken parts and medieval/arabic/native flavors to some of the music. Because of the guitar style and sounds, Steve Hackett also comes to mind and perhaps some of Yes' 70's music.

If you like the more symphonic side of Progressive Rock like it used to be done in the seventies (but with a modern sound), Fast and Blue is certainly an album to seek out. Lisa LaRue 2KX have produced one of the better CDs of that genre in recent years, all the compositions being of great quality and varied enough to keep the listener interested from begining to end. Add to that the exceptional talent level of the musicians involved and the music just has to be good. Recommended!!