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Far Skies Deep Time

a Single or EP release
Big Big Train

Release Year: 2010

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2010 English Electric Recordings EERCD009
2011 MALS MALS 378
2017 English Electric Recordings EERCD009 CD (Remastered)
Release info from Website
    For the first two months of release, Far Skies will only be available to people who are on our mailing list. If you've bought a CD directly from us in the past, you should be on the list. If you would like to join our mailing list (or check that you are on it) please send an email to or use the form on the free download page.
    An email with details on how to purchase the EP will be sent close to the release date.

    Master of Time is a cover of an Anthony Phillips song. Anthony and Mike Rutherford had originally planned to record Master of Time for inclusion on one of our favourite albums, The Geese and the Ghost, but ran out of time during the album sessions. A demo of the song appeared on the recent re-issue of The Geese and the Ghost. We thought it was a beautiful song which deserved a full band treatment and so decided to record our first ever cover. Ant has heard the BBT version of Master of Time and has given us his blessing and we do hope that we've done the song full justice.

    Fat Billy Shouts Mine was originally part of a suite of music for The Underfall Yard album. We didn't get chance to finish recording the song in time for the album and so are pleased to be able to release it as part of the Far Skies EP.

    British Racing Green and Brambling feature a lot of music within concise arrangements. We are very proud of these two songs which are both about the final stages of (different) relationships.

    The EP concludes with the 17 minute The Wide Open Sea. This is a very different epic for us, very unlike our previous songs of this sort of length. It tells the story of Jacques Brel and is, I think, one of the best things we've ever done
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  1. Master of Time (7:44)
  2. Fat Billy Shouts Mine (6:39)
  3. British Racing Green (3:59)
  4. Brambling (5:00)
  5. The Wide Open Sea (17:44)
2017 Remasted Reissue Tracklist:
  1. Kingmaker (10.33)
  2. Fat Billy Shouts Mine (6.27)
  3. British Racing Green (3.59)
  4. Brambling (4.55)
  5. The Wide Open Sea (17.44)
  6. Master Of Time (7.45)

Greg Spawton
guitars, keyboards, bass, backing vocals

Andy Poole
bass, keyboards

David Longdon
vocals, flute, keyboards, guitars

Dave Gregory

Nick D'Virgilo


Danny Manners:  double bass
Jon Barry:  guitar
Martin Orford:  keyboards

Reviewed by Marc on 20 Nov 2010

I am a fan of Big Big Train. I like all of their albums, but my favorites are Bard, Gathering Speed and at the top of my list, their latest to date : The Underfall Yard.

Being a member of their mailing list I got the chance to purchase Far Skies Deep Time before it is out for the general public. The band does not call it a new CD (even though it lasts more than 40 minutes)because it's a collection of songs that were not originally meant to be together.

The first track "Master of Time" is my favorite Anthony Phillips song, even though it is only available as a demo on the CD version of The Geese and the Ghost. I'm glad that Big Big Train did not try to copy the Anthony Phillips version, but decided to make it their own, while still remaining faithfull to the emotions in the song. A great start indeed. The next track "Fat Billy Shouts Mine" is pretty close to the songs on The Underfall Yard and would have fitted well on that album. "British Racing Green" somewhat reminds me of some of the more languishing songs by Marillion (for example an song like "Somewhere Else". This is a nice change for Big Big Train. "Brambling" is yet another great song in the Big Big Train style. The last song "The Wide Open Sea" is the "pièce de résistance", an Epic lenght track clocking at more than 17 minutes. The story is about the great Belgian singer Jacques Brel. I was somewhat expecting musical references to Brel in that song (Brel is a singer I know very well). It is not the case. Nothing in "The Wide Open Sea" makes me think of Brel's music. Perhaps the band was emotionally inspired by Brel while writing "The Wide Open Sea", because the song is just great, one of the best ever recorded by Big Big Train, and David Longdon gives an incredible singing performance on it.

In conclusion, Far Skies Deep Time really delivers. It's a great album and my candidate for album of the year. Highly recommended indeed.