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a Cassette release
Krzysztof Misiak

Release Year: 1996

Date Label Catalog # Comments
MV 007 MC

The record was released on audio-tape only and currently is practically unavailable in any shop.

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  1. 630010
  2. Ostatnia
  3. Whisky na skalach
  4. Odjazdowa
  5. Funkowa
  6. Ksiezycowa
  7. Schody
  8. Klimatyczna
  9. Sympatyczna
Krzysztof Misiak
Lead and other necessary guitar parts
Marek Kapiscinski
Maciek Bieniek
Synths and Alto Sax Breathing
Marek Bartus
Drum kit
Zbyszek (Zbigniew) Zuk
Additional Electro-Acoustic guitar stuff
    Piotr Kelm
    Violin (6,7)
    Jasiu Stabkowski