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Between Flesh and Divine

a Studio release
Asia Minor

Release Year: 1981

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1981 LP
FGBG 4035.AR Musea Records
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Setrak Bakirel
Voice, Guitars, Bass
Lionel Beltrami
Drums, Percussion
Robert Kempler
Keyboards, Bass
Eril Tekeli
Guitars, Flute

Reviewed by Nuno on 10 Apr 2002

It was just in 1991, after the re-release of this album by Musea that this original 1981 album really captured some attention from the prog fans and achieved some status in the progressive world.
I bought it in 1992 because, back then, I was in an early Camelmood (from the Snowgoose and Moonmadness era). Between Flesh and Divine is tremendously reminiscent of that calm and very slight complex musicality, adding it a kind of exotic Asian feeling that is input by the Turkish members of the band, so I felt captivated by the resulting sonority of this work.
If the references to Camel are the most obvious, some Pulsar related sounds are the only thing that really approximates Asia Minor to the French progressive stream. For the band has much more in common with the British sympho prog comprised by the aforementioned Camel, but also with some early Genesis approaches and King Crimson’s guitar alike work.
So what you will get is a symphonic progressive album, in the Britton sense of it.
This is neither one of those albums that will fill all your expectances nor will completely delight you for its innovation. This is just well played light progressive, with lots of swell flute solos and some good old melodies. Though I am sure this will please those who prefer quieter and introspective moods so common in the 70’s light sympho prog.