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Promos and Reviews

Over more than 20 years we have had many 'contributors' come into our community and move on from our community. Family events, changed circumstance in life, illness, graduations, job losses, promotions and changes, personal life blessings as well as tragedies. A lot of life happens during 20-plus years.

We have reached the point where we no longer have the resources to solicit promo's and commit - however loosely - to writing reviews. There will continue to be reviews on Proggnosis, but they will not be in response to promos recieved. Reivews will be published for those albums we are moved to write about.

To those who have sent us promos, thank-you. If we failed to provide a review, we are sorry. Your are welcome to send promos or download links to your music. Though promotional submissions will be accepted they are not being solicited and we commit only to enjoying them (or not) for our personal listening pleasure. We are making no commitment to publish reviews of promotional items.

Instead - send us information. If you are already listed on Proggnosis, send us your one-sheet or an email with release information, performer credits track list and a cover scan (or link to where this info can be found). If you are not listed on Proggnosis include links to your web site, social media site, a link to music samples (to help us decide to list you) and some biography info to We can't list what we don't know about.

For the past couple of years, Marc Roy has carried the water in our effort to maintain a review regime. Marc is not leaving (he is going to focus on enjoying life, and his own wide-ranging tastes in music) and he will continue to publish reviews when so moved. Thank-you Marc. (Marc is also the workhorse on our facebook page).

The Proggnosis Web Site and Database

Proggnosis is NOT a business. The funds for the web site and its' hosting come from the pocket of a single individual. This person has also applied 100's of hours creating the code that powers this web site. (In case you're interested, we started out as VBA ASP with an Access database. The current Proggnosis is coded in C#, MVC, ASP.NET and a SQL Server database.)

The thousands of artists listed and tens of thousands of releases listed were entered by 'contributors'. These kind folks asked us to provide log-in accounts that allow them to add to and edit site content (and for some, to write reviews) via their browser. We will continue to welcome anyone who wants to become a contributor (email webmaster).

While our review regimen has been reduced, Proggnosis is NOT going away and we will continue to update and maintain the site as we have in the past - to the best of our ability - within the constraints of our free time. In fact, you may have noticed a recent push to publish artist photos and incorporate hot links to bands artists and songs referenced in the artist information.
Proggnosis and its' maintenance is an addiction acquired through a near daily routine and remains a labor of love.



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