About ProGGnosis.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the internet's most powerful and versatile Prog/Fusion database

ProGGnosis started out as Land Of Prog in December 1999 and became ProGGnosis in March 2000.  We were an international group of progressive rock & fusion fans with the vision of acquiring knowledge about the bands and the music’s we love and having a resource with which to share it with others.

Existing web sites at the time – the largest of which were The Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (GEPR), and Tommy’s Forest did not, we felt, provide the kind of tool we so much wanted – so we made one ourselves.

Ultimately we wanted a resource which would help us – and others – to find the next CD to buy.

Here are some of the things we found missing and what we wanted to address:

Over the years we succeeded in some things and under-achieved in others.  Many of our contributors drifted away as ‘life’ gave them other priorities or their interests changed.  Here we are - still plugging along while many prog site mainstays no longer exist (Proglands) or no longer get updated (GEPR).

A couple years after we formed,  ProgArchives came on the scene and has grown into the largest prog site – with the most content and an amazing crew of contributors.  It is a fantastic accomplishment and an appreciated resource.  A few years back NewProgReleases Blog became the first place to find the widest range of listings for new prog recordings available in stores or only on the web.

The end of 2016 produced the 4th major update in ProGGnosis since its inception.  It is now mobile (phone/tablet) friendly. Other features may be added – such as making personal lists which you can export to Excel or simply access from the site of items on your ‘shopping list’… something attendee’s at prog festivals might find handy! ( I know I  have come home from a festival with 30 new CDs only to discover I already had 4 of them!).

There is room for all of these prog/fusion web evangelists as each brings its' strengths and limitations. Prog Lives on...

Please contact us if you want to assist us by helping to add to and maintaining the discography, to report missing track lists, performer credits, cover scans, to contribute reviews.  Our ‘members’ are able to update all of the content simply by using a browser.