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Here are our favorites for 2020! 

Posts: 272

Posts: 272
Best Picks of 2020 by Marc, Rob & DBSilver in Artist SequenceArtistReleaseMember
Abel Ganz The Life Of The Honeybee and Other Moments Of Clarity Rob
Acute Mind Under The Empty Sky Rob
Anthill Cinema Cycle(s) - A Life Chronicle Rob
Arabs in Aspic Madness and Magic DBSilver
Basta! Oceanurina DBSilver
Big Big Train Empire Rob
Bowness & Chilvers Modern Ruins Marc
Bowness, Tim Late Night Laments Marc
Di Blu, Pau Beneath the Consciousness DBSilver
Dyble Longdon Between A Breath And A Breath Marc
Elbow elbowrooms Marc
ESP (ESP 2.0) Phenomena Rob
Final Conflict Rise of the Artisan Rob
Fish Weltschmerz Marc
Gouriou, Mériadec Mériadec Gouriou DBSilver
Grumblewood Stories of Strangers DBSilver
Haken Virus Rob
Hora Prima L'uomo Delle Genti Rob
Illusion Of Gravity Too Late DBSilver
Jakszyk , Jakko Secrets & Lies Marc
Kaguu Rosewood Rob
Kalevi Hämäläinen Group First Days of Summer DBSilver
Kansas The Absence Of Presence Marc
Katatonia City Burials Marc
Katatonia City Burials Rob
Lazuli Le Fantastique Envol De Dieter Bohm Rob
Lunatic Soul Through Shaded Woods Marc
Magenta Masters Of Illusion Marc
Mark Kelly’s Marathon Mark Kelly’s Marathon Marc
Metheny, Pat From This Place Marc
Millenium The Sin Rob
Novena Eleventh Hour Rob
Old Man and the Sea, The Never Too Late DBSilver
Pixie Ninja Colours out of Space Rob
Polis Weltklang DBSilver
Ring van Möbius The 3rd Majesty Rob
Semkina, Marjana Sleepwalking DBSilver
Soulz Project ReProg Rob
Svilpa, Robert To Sleep Perchance to Dream Rob
Wobbler Dwellers of the Deep Rob
Wood Demons, The Angels Of Peckham Rye DBSilver
ZIO Flower Torania DBSilver
ZIO Flower Torania Rob
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