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Posts: 96

Posts: 96
Proggnosis lists only artists that have official releases.
To create a new artist please try to provide as much information as possible so we can research them and add them.
No one here is getting a salary - so the help you provide is appreciated.

Option 1: Contact us to ask about becoming an editor.
  • Editors can add and update content directly using their browser including creating/editing artists, releases, tracklists, uploading cover scans and artist photos. Send a message to DBSilver in the forum or email the proggnosis webmaster.
Option 2: Create a new topic in this forum.
We welcome as much information as you can provide (or links to where that information can be found). Things like:
  • Artist name
  • Country
  • Web Links
  • Information about the artist
  • Photo
  • Release Name
  • Release history
  • Information about the release
  • Performer credits
  • Track Lists
  • Cover scan
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