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6 Jan Upgrade Update 

Posts: 96

Posts: 96
The news for 6 Jan 2017

  • Proggnosis scored 99 out of 100 from Google for mobile compatibility. This will raise our profile in google search results.
    This was before I installed the forum, but I think this should not be a problem.

  • The new Forum is on line. if a page crashes while in the forum, just refresh the browser and it will probably display properly.

  • Forum guests can create threads and reply to topics within our major headings.
    But we are hoping for an ongoing community so we do wish people would create a logon at the Main Proggnosis Web page.

  • Proggnosis is a secure web site - - Https.
    calls to proggnosis.com or http://www.proggnosis.com automatically redirects to the Https prefix.
    Sure - we don't sell things on Proggnosis but for very little cost and a lesson in setting up certificates redirects and secure web sites - I have been able to ensure your logon and other submissions and activities are encrypted and protected.
    I recently read that Google wants all sites to have security certificates. I imagine that this is a good time to get ahead of the game. Perhaps it will raise our profile in Google search results.

  • Release History fixed up.
    You can enter either a Date or a Year of release. A label name is no longer a required entry.
Most everything required to upgrade and update the site is complete. There are still a few things - and I am sure I will hear about bugs to fix.
There is a topic in this forum to submit bug issues and to submit suggestions, ideas and compliments. All are welcome - especially the last one - compliments.

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