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Ok Rob,
I have changed the logic on the discographies - as described previously

edited by DBSilver on 2/8/2017
Thanks Rob.
I need to work on the software to fix this. There is only one listing - but it is flagged as Live and Official Bootleg and in one case also compilation. These attributes are all correct but my software is making a mistake by placing them in all categories.
I will fix this software as soon as practical.

My logic should be something like this:
  • IF official bootleg show as official bootleg
  • IF Fan club show as fan club
    If Single/EP then and not Fan CLub and not Official Bootleg then show as single/EP
  • If Live and Not DVD and not Official Bootleg and not fan club and not Single/EP then show as live
  • If Compilation and not DVD and Not LIve and NOt Official Bootleg and not fan club and not Single/EP then show as Compilation
Be patient - this may be a few days until I get to do this work.
edited by DBSilver on 2/4/2017
Hi Doug,
John Wetton has 4 live recordings that are also listed as official bootleg

official boot leg vol 1 is also listed as compitation

Please fix this


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