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Multi-National Tributes: Jethro Tull 1985 A Classic Case
Multi-National Tributes: Van Der Graff Generator 1995 Eyewitness A Tribute To VDGG
Multi-National Tributes: Yes 1993 Symphonic Music of Yes
Multi-National Tributes: Yes 1995 Tales From Yesterday
Multi-National Tributes: Genesis 1998 The Fox Lies Down A Tribute To Genesis
Multi-National Tributes: Pink Floyd 1995 The Moon Revisited
Multi-National Tributes: Pink Floyd 1995 Objects of Fantasy: The Music of Pink Floyd
Multi-National Tributes: Jethro Tull 1996 To Cry You A Song - A Collection Of Tull Tales
Multi-National Tributes: Genesis 1987 We Know What We Like - The Music Of Genesis
Multi-National Tributes: Rush 1996 Working Man
UK-England 10cc 1978 Bloody Tourists
UK-England 10cc 1976 How Dare You!
UK-England 801 1976 801 Live
Poland Abraxas 1999 '99
Poland Abraxas 1996 Abraxas...Cykl Obraca Siê
Poland Abraxas 1998 Prophecies
Italy Acqua Fragile 1973 Acqua Fragile
USA Ad Infinitum 1999 Ad Infinitum
Brazil Aether 1999 Visions
Italy Locanda Delle Fate 1977 Forse le Lucciole non si Amano Piu
Hungary After Crying 1990 Overground Music
Hungary After Crying 1996 De Profundis
Hungary After Crying 2000 Struggle for life (Essential)
Netherlands Alquin 1972 Marks
Netherlands Alquin 1973 The Mountain Queen