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Space Rock (Prog)
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Offical (translated)

With an oriental mix of rock, jazz, world music and spacy-psychedelic sounds, the three Würzburger from GROMBIRA bring a hypnotic-dance-like sound to the stage. Ralph Nebl aka sheyk rAleph (Sitar, Saz, Oud, vocals), Tommi Neubauer (bass) and Fred Feser-Lampe (drums), celebrate the coexistence of many cultures in Germany, take their stand against dull slogans and ensure their drive for the necessary boost to take off. Memories of bands such as Can, Embryo, Alex Oriental Experience, Grobschnitt or Amon Düül are awakening. But the own sound of GROMBIRA is not yet described. Each track is driven by the joy of improvisation and the fun of crossing genre boundaries. Without net and double bottom - a real live experience!