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Sky Architect

Netherlands Netherlands

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Sky Architect is a new progressive rock-band consisting of five young gentlemen. While studying at the pop-academy in Rotterdam Wabe Wieringa, Rik van Honk and Christiaan Bruin (multi-instrumentalist also known for his solo project “Chris” and the progressive metal band Adeia) laid the foundation of what is now Sky Architect. Starting out as an instrumental rock-trio they were later joined by Tom Luchies and Guus van Mierlo, who completed the formation.

Reviving the symphonic progressive rock style of the ‘70’s, they make music from the heart with a technical edge. You can often hear a hint of bands such as King crimson, Gentle giant, Flower Kings, Porcupine tree and Pain of Salvation in their music. Fans of the above groups will surely like what Sky Architect has to offer.

Their debut Cd “Excavations of the Mind” can best be described as a symphonic, complex, dynamic, versatile and ambitious concept-album. Thriving to revive and reinvent the progressive style and sound of the 70’s, the album hopes to reclaim a place for symphonic rock-music in the 21st century. Recently Sky Architect were signed to Galileo-records, who will release “Excavations of the mind” worldwide. Renowned rock-illustrator Mark Wilkinson, famous for his work with Marillion