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Crystal Palace

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Neo-Prog (Prog)
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The band was founded in 1992 by Jürgen Hegner (guitars), Ralf Jaschob (guitars) and Jens Uwe Strutz (bass). The three had already known each other from various other projects. Using drumcomputers und sequencers, their first album On The Edge Of The World was produced in 1995 with vocalist Helmut Hirt, already showcasing the band’s taste for progressive rock. After an extensive search, Frank Fuhrmann (drums), an old acquaintance of the band’s founding members, and Stefan Weber (keys) were recruited to enable the band to perform the material live on stage. In this line-up the band toured Germany for the first time.

In 1998 Helmut Hirt, Stefan Weber and Frank Fuhrmann left the band due to creative differences. Substitutes were found – this time surprisingly fast - in Sven Brehm (drums) and Frank Köhler (keys). With new vocalist Tom Young the EP Children of the Sun was eventually produced in 1999.

Soon after Young quit the band. When various casting sessions for a new singer ended unsuccesfully, it was decided that bass player Jens Uwe Strutz, from the early days on one of the band’s main contributors regarding lyrics and vocal lines, should take over the duty of leading vocalist as well. In this line-up the band produced the album Demon In You.

In 2003 the album Psychedelic Sleep was eventually released. Crystal Palace became a quartet in 2004 when guitarist Jürgen Hegner decided to leave the band to pursuit other musical interests.

In 2005 the band released the compilation album Through The Years. The album received rave reviews internationally, which resulted in good album-sales and air-play throughout the world for the band.

Now at last the band received some offers from various record-companies, but the sudden departure of guitarist and founding-member Ralf Jaschob made it impossible for the remaining members of the band to seize this opportunity.

Jürgen Hegner eventually re-joined Crystal Palace after a two-year break. Inspired by the success of a string of shows where they performed “unplugged”, the band decided to re-record some of their classic songs and released the album Acoustic Years - Songs from the Butterflyroom in 2006.
With new drummer Feliks Weber the band began to work on the new album