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Influenced by Dream Theater (Prog-Metal)
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From Myspace
    Born of silence in 2005, under the creative and passionate breath of Guillaume Morero, Continuum spreads an entity wide open to the sextant of its inspiration, onwards the horizon of a spirited music. To navigate the rhythmed waves of Prog Metal, and offer to its bows a stretch of tones watered by the celestial echoes, Continuum erected a solid and venturesome crew : Seducing Aldébaran (guitar) and Clément Marsé (vocals), this Metal’s explorer soared forward the future, his sight blazing with an ambition of composing binding both the wealth of Dark Prog Metal and the undulations of ethereal emotions. A will opening to a fertile meeting field for such contrasted and wondrous influences like Dream theater, Andromeda, After Forever, Opeth or Dimmu Borgir… From the advantageous expeditions led during the last gleams of 2006, the band brought back the compilation of a first demo, mixed and masterised by Charles Massabo (Sikh, Spheric Universe Experience), but also engaged new members, carrying strong promises for the future. Some live performances followed, including a notice apparition for the Seillans Open Air (2007), and it resounded like an invitation to discover the musical universe of Continuum. A path leading to the spheres of creation, where fertile current streams mixed up to carve a first album, « Lifeless ocean ». Seized in the meanders of the Cox in hell Studio, this opus of Dark Prog then exiled itself towards the Solstice Studio for being mixed and mastered by Sébastien « Runenlyd » Bernard. And so the inspiration of the talented Metalex could complete this musical elaboration, building up an artwork inviting the listeners to cross the threshold. In a quest for an original and singular approach of human perception, Continuum shaped and constructed a conceptual opus entwining tunes and words, music and lyrics. « Lifeless ocean » chooses metaphorical and mythological paths, but also personnal ways, to measure a vast palette of subjects and capture the listener’s attention. Thus Continuum wishes to propose more that a simple album : A rich music, sometimes agressive, bewitching and draught of atmospheres… a strong experience in the universe of Dark Prog, which doesn’t want to let you indifferent.