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Sophya Baccini

Italy Italy

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Prog (Uncategorized) (Prog)
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Presence ♦  
Sophya is the vocalist and lyricist of Presence since 1990. She realized with them six full-length CD, more a reissue, and several participations, including one with Claudio Simonetti from Goblin, and a tribute to the historical British band Black Widow. Their sound is something like Led Zeppelin that meet Renaissance. In the month of May 2008, a new Presence's one called "Evil Rose" is out. As soloist, she participated to the triple CD "Kalevala", for the French Musea,and to the Osanna new album "Prog family" and Delirium new one, "Il Nome del Vento", as pianist too. Now, on March 2009, her first solo album, "Arad├Ča", is out . All pieces are written, played and arranged by her. It contains a 50 minutes suite, more three songs and a Joni Mitchell's cover, "Circle game". Hallo, all Dark Prog lovers!