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Lalle Larsson

Sweden Sweden

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Prog-Fusion (Prog)
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Pianist/composer Lalle Larsson was born in a theatre family in 1974, He begun his musical journey very early, performing his first professional gig when he was 15 and gigged around Sweden and Denmark with a rhythm & blues band when he was 16.
After two years of studies in Vienna (1991-93) Larsson, still a teenager, moved back to Sweden and formed his first jazz/fusion band Ominox.

Moved by the mastery of John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and the sounds of composers Pierre Boulez and Conlon Nancarrow Lalle spent most of the 90´s studying jazz and contemporary classical music as well as composing several notated pieces for marimba and piano. During this time he also worked as a session musician and as a music teacher.

In the latter part of the decade Larsson began writing his 200 page score - Seven Deadly Pieces, a contemporary piece for chamber orchestra and metal band. The concert was recorded and videoed and was independently released on DVD - together with a documentary about the composer – in 2008.


In addition to being a solo artist, Lalle Larsson has performed with a number of bands including:

  • Phi Yaan Zek & Marco Minnemann – Deeper with The Anima – (Geomagnetic 2012)
  • Karmakanic – In a Perfect World – (Inside Out 2011)
  • Agents Of Mercy – The Black Forest (Foxtrot 2011)
  • Agents Of Mercy – DramaRama (Foxtrot 2010)
  • Karmakanic – Who’s The Boss In The Factory – (Inside Out 2008)
  • Electrocution 250 – Electric Cartoon Music From Hell (Liquid Note Records 2003)
  • RHP – The Richard Hallebeek Project – Feat: Brett Garsed & Shawn Lane (LNR 2004)
  • TimeLine – with Gary Willis & Sebastiaan Cornelissen (Munich Records 2005)