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jAcK DuPoN

France France

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RIO Avant (Prog)
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The following information comes from the band's web site:

"Jack Dupon is a progressive rock band consisting of two guitars, drums, bass, percussion and singing.
The music is almost impossible to describe, but Jack Dupon performs a delirious music, full of humor and rhythm, dynamic, giving free way to the imagination ...
Jack Dupon is primarily a live band communicating a lot through music but also by their personal universe really existing at performances. This adds a higher human dimension, which is mostly felt by the public. An opportunity then appears : let experimental music emerge from the shadow, in order to discover a new landscape remaining accessible to everyone. And this perhaps corresponds to an expectation, even a desire to offer an alternative to formatted music.
The creation of pieces is made in a scientific-empirical manner : Compositions take shape from topics brought by the one or other one, or of complete improvisations recorded and revised in the studio. Songs are often long and explored, their structures are progressive and living as the bed of a river. All this performed with amazing precision.
Painted with comfortable, tense, brutal or violent atmospheres that can stretch or stand out, decompose themselves and rebirth in a bouncing movement.
The instrumental instants are punctuated with vocal interventions. Singing is then considered to be a rhythmic or lyric element, such the fifth instrument. Sometimes distant, sometimes audible, resembling the bubbles of a comic strip. In the purest oratory respect of oral transmission of tales and legends, the group includes gradually voice and singing in the compositions.
Influences : Zappa, Phish, Morphine, King Crimson, Caravan, Primus, Frog Brigade"