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Influenced by Canterbury (Prog)
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From Musea Records

ARGOS is a German band composed of two musicians of Superdrama, Thomas Klarmann and Robert Gozon, with drummer Ulf Jacobs (Eyesberg). This first album, made of 14 concise songs and instrumental pieces, is a splendid seventies orientated progressive music, sometimes mixed with pop influences (BEATLES especially).The compositions are based on dominating keyboards (analog sounds of mellotron, organ…), smooth and sober vocals. Refined acoustic guitars sometimes remind GENESIS, while the delicate and dreamy atmospheres recall CAMEL, PINK FLOYD (in the early seventies) and CARAVAN, HATFIELD AND THE NORTH. Nice vocal harmonies, beautiful flute parts give this music a special charm, warmful and full of positive vibrations, soft and dynamic in the same time, enhanced by a good production. Very pleasant, and refreshing.