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Ancient Grease


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Blues Rock Styles (Prog Related)
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A band called Strawberry Dust found themselves lsited as Ancient Grease on their only release - 1970's Women and Children First. The band's style(s) were those of the blues rock of the error - some hard rock, psychedelia and some proggish elements.
The band were discovered while working the clubs where John Weathers (then a member of Eyes of Blue) saw them and was impressed. He help them produce a demo leading to their initial album which he also co-wrote and co-produced.
Common to the period, Mercury failed to promote the album freeing the musicians to persue paths that would later impact the prog-rock scene
Gareth Mortimer and Graham Williams later made a more lasting mark on the music scene in the mid to late 1970's with their band Racing Cars. Uncredited keyboardist Phil Ryan later made his most lasting contribution as a member of Man. while John Weathers later became the drummer for Gentle Giant.