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Vulture Industries

Norway Norway

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Goth (General) (Prog-Metal)
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    Vulture Industries was initially formed under the name Dead Rose Garden in the late summer of 1998. Amongst others the band did a warm up gig for The Sins of Thy Bellowed which earned good reviews. In 2000 the band hit a down period. The band did not give up though, and started working on new material and eventually in 2003 things started to change. The band found a new vocalist in Bjørnar E. Nilsen and with him a change in musical direction. The new direction of the band turned to a more complexed sound introducing programming and vintage synthesizers combined with a mix of melodic and growling vocals. In 2004 the band did their first gig with the new lineup, at Piggtrådfestivalen (The Barbwire Festival) in Bergen. This earned great reviews and was followed up with the recording of the demo "The Enemy Within". A second festival gig was also done this year at Notodden where Vulture Industries played at Motstøy festivalen with bands like Ephel Duath, Mindgrinder and Extol.