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Matching Mole

UK-England UK-England

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Influenced by Canterbury (Prog)
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Robert Wyatt (ex-Soft Machine) led this band through 2 albums whereupon it evolved into Hatfield & The North. Matching Mole were very much like Soft Machine but perhaps with a less Jazzy feel. The name of the band is a French play on the words Soft Machine ' machine molle'.

After two albums the band was broken up because Robert Wyatt decided he did not want the responsibilites of beng a band leader.

Along with Robert WyattPhil Miller went on to Hatfield & The North,. Miller was originally with Delivery and after Hatfield went on to work with National Health. and In Cahoots along with a solo career.

Dave Sinclair went on to record with Caravan and Bill MacCormick later worked with Phil Manzanera’s 801 and was a member of Random Hold.