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John Wetton

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Bassist and vocalist John Wetton (12th Jun 1949 –– 31st Jan 2017) is one of the most prolific musicians in the history of Progressive Rock. He may be best known by many as a founding member of Asia but that only touches at the band and recordings that have featured his work. There are others who would tout Wetton as a founding member of the band UK while others recoginze him as a long-time member of King Crimson.

In addition to his own solo works and as a mbmer with Asia alumn Geoffrey Downes in the band Icon, Wetton regularly recorded on solo releases by Steve HackettBrian Ferry and Phil Manzanera.

The mentioned musicians and bands are only those Wetton has recorded with extensively.  From After Crying to Roxy Music to Uriah HeepJohn Wetton played a role in over 40 years of the genre's best music.

Wetton died in his sleep at a hospice in Bournemouth, Dorset on 31 January 2017, from colon cancer.