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Brand X

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Technical/Progressive Fusion (Fusion)
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Brand X was a project that brought together a group of session musicians who wanted to play improvisational rock/jazz fusion. After an uncertain start, the band solidified in 1975 with the inclusion of Phil Collins (Genesis) on the drums.

The earliest association of the group that became Brand X appears to be The Eddie Howell Gramophone Record (a.k.a. The Manhattan Project), which included a far-flung cast of popular artists of the time.

This was shortly followed by an ambitious fusion rendition of Peter and the Wolf created by Jack Lancaster and keyboardist Robin Lumley. Collins and bassist Percy Jones also appeared prominently on Brian Eno's Another Green World at roughly the same time.

In 1976, the Lancaster/Lumley team embarked on a spacey excursion to the red planet called Marscape, which was recorded around the same time as the first Brand X album, Unorthodox Behaviour.