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AOR (Prog)
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Ben MinkNash the Slash ♦  

Formed in 1976 in Toronto, Canada by Cameron Hawkins and Nash The Slash and joined by Martin Deller, the band did not use guitar - but instead used electric mandolin. Slash left the band and was replaced by Ben Mink.

They disbanded in 1987 and reuinted in 1994 and with the new new millenium came a new FM. With original member Cameron Hawkins at the helm,:

  • At Nearfest in 2006 he was joined by Martin Deller and Claudio Vena (on viola, mandolin and vocals).  
  • In 2011 a new line was created which performed at the OhioProg 2012 festival.  The new members were Paul DeLong (drums, percussion) and Ivana Popovic (violin, mandolin, vocals).