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Symphonic Prog (General) (Prog)
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Focus is a Dutch group where classic (Thijs van Leer) meets fusion (Jan Akkerman) After a very succesfull period Van Leer and Akkerman disagreed about the style of music and split-up.

When Akkerman left the band, Eef Albers became the guitarist for releases in 1977/1978.

 Thijs van Leer made some succesfull classic-flute CD-s.

While Jan Akkerman , who was previously a member of Brainbox, made solo recordings leading to a reputation as perhaps the greatest Dutch fusion guitar player. The band also had Bert Ruiter during this time who was later a member of Earth and Fire.

In 2002 the band released  Focus 8 with founding members Thijs van Leer and Pierre van der Linden. who was also a member of Brainbox. At this time, guitarist Jan Dumée took over guitist duties from Akkerman and also has persued a solo career.

Swung is an instrumental trio - - featuring members of the band Focus. Through their first two volume releases the band reatured Pierre Van Der Linden and Bobby Jacobs with Neils Van Der Steenhoven on Vol 1 and Menno Gootjes on Vol 2.

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