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Melodic Prog-Metal Neo Style (Prog-Metal)
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Arjen Anthony Lucassen is Ayreon.
Born in Den Haag, The Netherlands.
First recording of Arjen is with the second release with Pythogaras changing after that to Bodine. He records 2 of the 3 albums they made to change to Vengeance being very succesful in The Netherlands, Germany and Japan
Vengeance disbanded in 1992. Arjen started his solo carreer with the release of Fools of sorrow, Waves of Joy. Thinking already of making a Rock-Opera he could not get a record company to support this idea
Finally Transmission- records is willing to release The Final Experiment in 1995 which is a big succes.Between his Ayreon projects he makes a album called Strange Hobby, a cover album making a tribute to all 60-s great musicians
. In 1997 he writes and performes with the re-united Vengeance metal friends
Arjen makes his own metal releases with Ambeon and Star One