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Absolute Zero


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The seeds of Absolute Zero were sewn over twenty five years ago, and through persistence and determination, have grown into an amazing outfit. After many revolving lineups, the basis of the current lineup took root in 1987 when Aislinn Quinn joined Enrique Jardines and Paul Rogers.

During the next five years, the band composes the bulk of its written material while rehearsing and forming a cohesive unit, and despite setbacks, releases their debut EP, A Live in the Basement in 1992, recorded on a two track VCR. The next few years saw moving to Miami and the refinement of their repitore.

1999 saw Pip Pyle replacing Rogers on drums, and embarking on a small West Coast tour with the band. In 2000, the band enters the studio to record the band's first full length album, Crashing Icons. The band is currently looking for a label to release the final product of this album. For more info, read on to the official band history on the Absolute Zero website.