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Jam Band/Jam Style (Prog)
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Phish is a band formed by Trey Anastasio in the mid 80’s with his friends in the University of Vermont. Anastasio had studied there under the supervision of Ernie Stires, a former student of classical composer Samuel Barber. Anastasio studied many musical forms from classical fugues to big band arrangemets, which can be heard in Phish’s music.
The early recordings can be considered as prog or at least off-stream rock but their long live acts with plenty of soloing gave them a reputation as being the new Grateful Dead. This gave them the status of the US. leading jam-band and bands like Widespread Panic, Blues Travellers and String Cheese Incident have a lot to owe to Phish.
But Phish is more than only a jam-band. They mix a wide range of elements in their music - country, jazz, heavy-rock, classical. Just to mention few. Listening one track doesn’t tell anything about a single album and listening one album doesn’t tell anything about the band in general.
Still they have a style of their own, but as in anything worth revealing you just have to give it a little bit more time than an average music consumer would.