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Spock's Beard


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Symphonic Contemporay Style (Prog)
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Spock’s Beard were formed in 1992 in Los Angeles by brothers Neal Morse and Alan Morse. The original band included Nick D'Virgilio, Dave Meros, and Ryo Okumoto.
In 2002 after many successful albums, Neal Morse left the band to persue a solo career as a Christian Progressive Rock artist.
Neal had been the band's main composer and singer. After his departure, this role was taken on by D'Virgilio. During this period, Spock's Beard v 2.0 released four more studio albums,
In 2011 Nick D'Virgilio departed from the bandto become a musical director and performer with Cirque du SoleilSpock's Beard v 3.0 was assembled with the addition of their touring (live) drummer, Jimmy Keegan and singer/ guitarist, Ted Leonard (Enchant).
To date, all incarnations of the band have been extremely popular and successful in the prog-music scene.