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Art Rock (Prog)
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Formed in 1974 to by a record company to be a sucessfull Glam-Rock band. With the first release Adolescent Sex they had a minor hit in 1979
Wanting to make their own music and express their own creativity they broke up with Ariola to change to Virgin records releasing Gentlemen take polaroids and Tin Drum
Personal and musical conflicts led them to disband in 1982
Later they released one album as Rain Tree Crow (original Line-up exept Rob Dean.

  • David Sylvian has an active solo career and has been working with, Ruyci Sakatomo (moviescore: Mery Christmas Mr.Laurence, with David Bowie and Sakamoto as actors)- Can's Holgar Czukay (ambient) Robert Fripp
  • Richard Barbieri is the keyboard player of Porcupine Tree and has made releases with No Man - Steve Jansen - Dolpin Brothers - JBK
  • Mick Karn has worked with David Thorn- Peter Murphy- Terry Bozzio
    All members Exept Rob Dean have been working on different projects with each other. Jansen, Barbieri and Karn have their own record label- The Medium Label