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Limite Acque Sicure

Italy Italy

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Symphonic Italian School (Prog)
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The Limite Acque Sicure group was formed in Ferrara in 2005 by Andrea Chendi and Antonello Giovannelli who, despite living a few hundred meters from each other, did not know each other. The contact took place through an advertisement in a music magazine of the time published by Andrea, to which Antonello promptly replied. The idea was to create a group to perform live a selection of the most loved progressive rock songs.

After the initial difficulties and some changes in the first lineup, since 2009 the musicians have remained the same: Andrea Chendi vocals, Antonello Giovannelli keyboards, Luca Trabanelli guitars, Paolo Bolognesi drums, Francesco Gigante bass. From 2016 the group takes its present form with Ambra Bianchi flute, voice and harp;

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