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Influenced by Camel (Prog)
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CamelEdward ReekersGenesisMax WernerTon Scherpenzeel ♦  

Kayak were a very popular prog band in the 70's. After their biggest hit 'Ruthless Queen' (from 1978's Phantom of the Night), many considered that they went too commercial.

The band split up soon after and Ton Scherpenzeel (Orion) went on to play with Camel and release solo albums. Pim Koopman became one of the leading music producers in The Netherlands and Edward Reekers has been a guest singer on nearly all Ayreon CD's along with solo releases.

The band's 2000 reunion makes the earlier band come alive and releasing a number of succesfull albums On 22 november 2009 founding member, drummer, producer and composer Pim Koopman died at the age of 57 years from a heart attack.

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