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MaterialEyes was formed when experienced musician/songwriter Dave Westmoreland met and befriended guitarist Will Lawery at an open-mic night held in a pub near Wakefield, Yorkshire, England.

The two men became great friends, each having a lifelong love of obscure and unusual bands, mostly, but not entirely limited to the Prog Rock genre of music.

In 2016 guitarist and all round musician Martyn Howes was invited to join the fun.  Martyn had an ear for music from an early age, and progressed through school bands to Yorkshire band Brigante in the late 70’s.  In 1980 Martyn, along with Malc Shipman and Gary standing formed the melodic rock band Roadster and released their vinyl single 45mph/ Fantasy in 1981.

In the ensuing years Martyn was involved with various musical projects and musicians, notably Alan Selway and Gary Pearson of Vardis fame.

This trio, who make up MaterialEyes,  are a band of experienced musicians from the UK who are influenced not only by the great Prog Rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Camel, to name but a few, but also by a diverse range of music from all genres both old and new.