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Art Rock (Prog)
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Tautologic began in 1997 when Ethan Sellers and Pat Buzby had finished college. Sellers and Buzby shared a love of 70's progressive rock, but also wanted to bring contemporary and eclectic influences into the music rather than reproducing old sounds. The early lineups of the band lacked lead guitar, leading them to use their string arrangement skills to give the songs much of their character. Pointed, humorous lyrics and stories of the strange characters in abundance around the South Side of Chicago also linked many of Tautologic's songs.

West Is North, East Is South, the band's debut CD, captured this era. It received critical acclaim in the U.S. and Europe upon its release in 2000. The band's next recording, The Basement Sessions, arrived in 2002 and showed the band experimenting with funk influences, and introducing lead guitar into the mix.

In the late 2000's, Sellers began a new career as a leader of bands in various styles, including Irish music, Cajun and bluegrass, which is still ongoing. Buzby and other members of Tautologic participate in these groups whenever possible.