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Psychic Equalizer

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Jazz-Rock (Prog)
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Pianist, composer and producer Hugo Selles (Psychic Equalizer) was born in Santander, Cantabria, in 1988 and currently living in Copenhagen.

Quite a few years ago, Selles and his good friend, Adrián Ubiaga, started a musical project together. Due to complicated personal circumstances it was impossible to develop it the way they wanted and they were forced to put an end to it. 
Hugo’s particular need of expressing himself through music drove him to create Psychic Equalizer. At first it was a solo project, mostly in theelectronic ambient music field with hints of jazz and classical piano playing. The idea was to createmusical landscapes that would suggest different emotional atmospheres or states of mind. The nameis taken from a song by Death In Vegas, as it kind of defines the purpose of the project very well.A lot has changed since the first production, the EP Memories From A Cold Place, released back in 2012.
A wide variety of musicians have participated in the project since then, helping Psychic Equalizer to evolve by going through several musical genres such as fusion, free-jazz, blues, avant-garde and progressive rock.
2019 brings forth a new lineup, aband formed by five musicians from different nationalities and musical backgrounds and unites Selles and UBiaga.