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Return To Void

Finland Finland

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Prog Metal (Uncategorized) (Prog-Metal)
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Return To Void, a progressive rock band, was established in Karhula, Finland in 2015. Initially started as a trio (Markku Pihlaja -voc, Saku Hakuli -gtr, Pasi Hakuli -bass), played acoustic versions of Bruce Dickinson solo material under the name of Dick & Son´s.

After couple of gigs the band wanted to try with full band so Kalle Kukkonen was summoned to take the drumming duties. The magic was immediately there like in good old days of Kaihoro. A band, where they all used to play in the past.

In the afterglow of successful gig, the idea of a band that would play new orginal music was born. The line-up was ready after synth-wizard Antti Huopainen was lured in.

List of another projects, past and present, includes varied outings like Kaihoro, Total Devastation, Manitou, Kreyskull, Gran Torino, Demonic Death Judge..

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