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Symphonic Contemporay Style (Prog)
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Formed in February 2013, Whitewater are a Tewkesbury based Progressive Rock band created by Stuart Stephens and Paul Powell.

Stuart and Paul met around 2010 and soon realized that they had a shared passion for rock music, old and new, not just to listen to but to perform . Shortly after meeting they decided to set up a rock covers band, playing the sort of classic and modern rock covers that you generally didn’t hear. This project was short lived lasting only around 2 years.

After the covers band finished Stuart started experimenting with ideas, samples and sounds. Having always been a fan of progressive rock from as far back as he can remember and with a liking for the more modern ambient sounds of bands such as The Orb, Orbital and The Future Sound of London to name a few, there was a transition from the standard rock that had been played to the more progressive sounds of what was to become Whitewater.

After a few samples and a few late nights the start of a song had appeared. Paul had no idea what Stuart had been working on until Stuart asked him to take a listen to a track Stuart had the beginnings of, Paul layed a drum line down for the track that would become the first song from the album The Sound of a Galaxy Smashing, and so Whitewater was formed.