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Symphonic Prog (General) (Prog)
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Ph2 is the moniker of the duo Philippe Moati and his partner Philippe Mercier.  This duo produced music that ranges from modern symphonic to neoclassicism to contemporary music including progressive melodic rock and also a very 70's style prog music. The band writes:

"At the beginning, we were influenced by the music of Genesis, Yes, Van der Graff Generator, Kansas, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel and son on before discovering Prokofiev, Shostakovitch and Stravinsky, and more recently Flower Kings, Kaïpa and Ritual. From all of this music we acquired the willingness to be demanding, to combine authenticity, emotion and originality. The Ph2’s music is not what you would call easy listening. As a result, perhaps it’s not to meant for mass consumption! First and foremost, we try to have pleasure and we are naïve enough to think that if we enjoy the result, others like us might enjoy it too. So, to meet you, we share our music on line. Of course, we are eager to know how you feel it. So let your comments, even if it is to say it is a mess!"